SoloRider’s ‘Stars and Stripes’Golf Car Honors U.S. Troops

SoloRider will introduce its “stars and stripes” special edition golf car at the PGA Merchandise Show, which opens on Thursday in Orlando. In honor of U.S. military personnel, the car features a red-white-and-blue flag design over the entire body of the vehicle.

The limited-edition car is expected to be especially popular at military bases where SoloRider vehicles are in growing demand following the Dept. of Defense determination that the 1973 Rehabilitation Act requires military courses to provide single-rider golf cars.”

We’re indebted to our troops for their service and sacrifice, and this car is a tribute to their many contributions,” said Tom Durbin, SoloRider’s vice president of sales.

In addition to the flag design, changes to the 2008 model year SoloRider make the industry’s leading single-rider golf car more comfortable and simpler to operate for golfers and easier to maintain for course owners and operators.

A new electric swivel seat complements SoloRider’s electric stand-up seat, giving golfers the ability to put themselves in the desired hitting position and then to return more easily to the driving position after they’ve played their shot.

“For players who have limited motion and strength in their hands and shoulders, the electric seat is going to make playing a round of golf far more enjoyable,” said Roger Pretekin, founder and president of SoloRider. “It also will help reduce fatigue over an 18-hole round.”