Golfers: The worlds Most Versatile Golf Car!

Traditional golf cars are wonderful creations that have evolved over time. Once a novelty, golf cars are commonplace on most golf courses, and mandatory on some. Off the golf course, the cars are used in many surprising and unexpected ways. Whole communities employ them as the standard transportation vehicle. Institutions of many kinds see golf cars as efficient and effective people-movers.

For individuals with mobility-impairments, SoloRider has taken the evolution of the golf car one step further. The patented seat, the ergonomic hand controls, the repositioning of the golf bag, and the turf-friendly design have opened a whole new world of accessibility.

On the golf course, SoloRiders can be used in many ways, depending on the circumstances, the golfer’s needs and course rules. At all times, respect for the course is expected of SoloRider golfers. SoloRiders can be:

  • Driven as a standard golf car according to course rules,
  • Driven on greens and tee boxes.

Golf courses find that SoloRiders will be their most versatile vehicle. All golfers will appreciate the performance, stability, speed and styling of the SoloRider. To maximize your investment, we encourage you to use the SoloRider in these and other ways:

  • For 5-somes as the third car,
  • For 3-somes as the second car,
  • For single golfers playing alone or with walking golfers,
  • For events when all other cars are in use, and
  • For marshals and staff.

For best results, use SoloRiders as often as possible.

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