When is one seat better than two?

When it keeps golfers in the game.

Long after golfers lose the mobility and stamina they once had, they dream of continuing to play the game they love. SoloRider is turning those dreams into reality for thousands of golfers who are enjoying the stable, comfortable and fun way to get back in the game.

SoloRider Means New accessibility for golfers

Don’t be left behind. Experience the smoothest ride in golf and continue to enjoy the game of a lifetime. To enable golfers to continue to enjoy the game of golf, the SoloRider difference is a golf car that you can:

  • drive onto greens and tees with no impact to turf,
  • drive over rough terrain with confidence,
  • easily enter and exit using the 350 degree swivel seat,
  • play from using the elevating seat, and
  • easily handle with the ergonomic controls.

…and added value for golf courses.

SoloRider answers the question, How do I keep current players and bring new players into the game and do both cost-effectively? With SoloRiders in your fleet you will:

  • Extend the golfing lives of many seniors,
  • Attract your share of the 1.2 million mobility-impaired golf market,
  • Add incremental resort revenue from vacationers and business travelers and,
  • Use the SoloRider for singles, threesomes, fivesomes or as a ranger car.