Company History

SoloRider was founded in 1994 as American Golf Car by Roger Pretekin. Mr. Pretekin has over 30 years experience in the golf industry, and was closely associated with PGA Tour events for a number of years. During the early 1990’s, he became aware of the large numbers of persons with mobility impairments who desired access to attend pro tour events. As he became more aware of these needs, he began to think of ways that persons with mobility impairments could not only watch golf, but also participate in golf. This awareness, and the assoated desire to provide accessibility to persons who might not otherwise have that opportunity, led him to form American Golf Car.

The company’s first product was a small scooter-type vehicle. During testing and focus groups it quickly became apparent that scooter-type vehicles would not provide an adequate solution to the accessibility issue on golf courses. Scooter cars are not stable on slopes, move too slowly, do not provide a smooth comfortable ride, and do not have adequate range.

The company then set out to create a single-rider golf car that was comparable to the finest standard golf cars on the market. The engineers and designers worked on many prototypes and earlier models, including the successful AteeA® series. In late 2004, SoloRider announced the latest generation, the SoloRider 3400 series.

The company has received patents for two of its most significant innovations. The swivel seat with its infinite positioning was awarded a patent in 1999. A patent for a seat with tilting and swiveling capabilities was issued in 2003. The patented features of the golf car are unique within the industry. Both patents are public recognition of the innovation and creativity of the SoloRider engineers.

In 2003 ClubCar engineers helped SoloRider perform the many safety tests required of golf cars by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). SoloRider not only met all minimum standards but exceeded them by considerable margins. This exercise provided further validation that SoloRider is a true golf car.

In 1999, the company changed its name from American Golf Car to SoloRider to more clearly describe the company’s focus on single-rider vehicles. Since the cars are multi-functional and can be used in parks, on beaches, and in gated communities, the company did not wish to have a name that implied a limitation to golf.

In early 2004, Monroe Berkman purchased the company. Mr. Berkman is a polio survivor, long-time customer and avid golfer. He is personally aware of the challenges facing mobility impaired golfers. He also believes that SoloRider is the most sensible solution to accessibility in golf. Mr. Berkman retained the existing staff and has added important resources to the company.

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