Golfers: Seniors – Don’t let your golfing life run short

You have worked hard all your life and have looked forward to the freedom of retirement. You may have joined a local club or even moved to a golfing community. The prospect of playing golf more than a few times a week is very appealing. You are not alone. The average senior golfer plays 50 times a year with the more avid ones playing more than 150 times. You deserve it. You have worked hard.

Traditional golf cars were originally created to assist golfers with mobility impairments. They came into being as golf exploded into the mainstream sport it is today. Golf became available and enjoyable to many who could not, or would not, walk 18 holes. As the golf cars increased mobility, golf course architects adjusted. Courses became longer and the distance between greens and the next tee were greatly extended. To maximize golf course housing lots, some courses have made it impractical to walk while maintaining an acceptable speed of play.

While traditional golf cars have improved comfort and pleasure on the golf course for the majority of golfers, many individuals interested in playing golf are still not able to maneuver around a course.

SoloRider is the car that goes that extra mile to provide seniors the opportunity to extend their golfing lives. No longer will you have to climb the steps or slope of the tee boxes. Drive the car up onto the green whenever you need to.

Stay in the Game… with SoloRider

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