SoloRider… a Speed of Play Solution

The time it takes to play a round of golf is often cited as a problem in this helter-skelter world in which we live. After cost, lack of time is the most common reason people decline to take up golf.

Some in the industry perceive golfers with mobility impairment with seniors to be part of the problem. We believe that this is an unfair generalization and should be judged on an individual golfer basis.

SoloRider can help speed of play in three ways:

1. Golfers Play 20% Faster When Each Has His/Her Own Golf Cars

A definitive study and actual time tests proved that golfers are considerably faster when they do not share a golf car and can drive directly to their own ball. These results are true whether the golfers play from a standard car or a SoloRider.

2. Mobility-Impaired Golfers Can Keep Pace Using a SoloRider

The 20% advantage cited above is a definite advantage to those golfers that have mobility impairment. Playing from a SoloRider, they are able to keep pace with their golfing partners. No longer do they find a round of golf a hectic rush. The efficiency of playing from a single car and driving directly to their ball, including on the tee or green, makes golf much more pleasant. Fellow golfers, marshals, and golf course operators will appreciate the difference.

3. How Much is An Additional Morning Tee Time Worth To You?

Many observers of golf course dynamics understand that the first few groups can set the pace of play for an entire day. A slow foursome can bring a course to a crawl. On the other hand, if you send your first foursomes out in SoloRiders or in individual cars, you may find that you can squeeze a valuable tee time in during the critical morning rush hour. Using a $50.00 green fee, that will generate $400.00 each weekend, and as much as $20,000 per year.

a Speed of Play Solution

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