Riverside Golf Club in Chehalis Adds SoloRider To Help Golfers with Limited Mobility Get Back in the Game

Riverside Golf Club in Chehalis, Washington has added a SoloRider golf car to its fleet to help golfers with limited mobility get back in the game. The Riverside course, which was established in 1927, is one of the first courses in the Chehalis area to give seniors and players with a disability full access to the game through the use of a single-rider golf car.

“The SoloRider came to us through the generosity of our members after a fellow golfer suffered a stroke that affected his ability to play the game,”said Mitch McCullough, Riverside’s general manager. “After researching single-rider golf cars and raising the funds needed through a tournament fund-raiser, the members purchased a SoloRider, which helps us serve the entire community of Chehalis. It’s been a win-win situation.”

The SoloRider golf car, which was presented the 2006 Excellence in Achievement Award – New Product of the Year by the Association of Private Clubs and Directors, features ergonomically designed controls and a patented stand-up seat that lifts and rotates to help players hit their shots without leaving the comfort and safety of the vehicle. The car’s even weight distribution and advanced suspension system make it safe to go on tees and greens without damaging the turf.

“There are 46 million disabled Americans, and approximately five million of them are candidates to play golf,” said Roger Pretekin, president of SoloRider. “By making a single-rider golf car available, the Riverside Golf Club is helping golfers get back in the game and helping bring new players to the sport.”