Local Community Pulls Together with Innovative Fundraisers To Purchase SoloRider Golf Car for Seniors, Disabled Players

DIMMITT, TX (April 18, 2008) – Members of Dimmitt Country Club and local residents saw the fruits of their fundraising efforts arrive recently. Their reward came in the form of a SoloRider golf car to help seniors and disabled members continue their love for the game.

Laurie Price, owner of the club south of Amarillo, began fundraising efforts last summer to purchase the single-rider golf car. The community, with a population of 4,000, supported the effort with a series of fundraisers that collected more than $7,500. Price donated in the final amount to purchase the specially designed golf car.

The country club hosted a number of events and promotions, including golf tournaments and a helicopter ball drop, to reach the monetary goal. For the helicopter golf ball drop, players bought numbered golf balls then watched as a hovering helicopter dropped each ball 30 feet onto a green. The first three balls to go in the hole received prizes from the club with proceeds going toward the purchase of the SoloRider car.

Money was also raised by local businesses and individuals who purchased sponsorship stickers to display their name or logo on the vehicle.

The SoloRider golf car features a stand-up seat that rotates so players can hit their shots without leaving the comfort and safety of the vehicle. The precise weight distribution of the car allows it to go onto tees and greens without damaging turf. These features, as well as hand controls for braking and acceleration, help golfers with physical challenges continue to play the game.

About SoloRider

Established in 1991, Centennial, Colo.-based SoloRider Management LLC manufactures and distributes the industry’s leading single-rider golf car. SoloRider is the only single-rider golf car that meets or exceeds the safety, performance, stability, speed and suspension standards of conventional golf cars. In 2002, SoloRider received the prestigious da Vinci Award from the Engineering Society of Detroit in recognition of innovations that empowered all people, regardless of physical ability. For more information, please go to www.solorider.com.

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