Good sports in the community

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The Hamilton County Park District and the Cincinnati Recreation Commission are providing greater access to golfers with disabilities.

Each organization is offering the use of SoloRider carts, which are made for golfers who are physically challenged.

The single-rider carts feature a seat that swivels and elevates so golfers can play without having to get in and out of the cart repeatedly. The carts are hand-controlled and are designed to be driven onto tee boxes and greens with no adverse effect to the turf.

The Hamilton County Park District’s seven golf courses are providing SoloRider carts, which were purchased with the help of funds provided by donors.

The Cincinnati Recreation Commission has four SoloRider carts for use on its courses.Hamilton County Park District manager Doug Stultz is leading free classes on operating the carts. Call 513-367-9370 for information.