Sam’s Story

“I don’t celebrate my birthday, I celebrate my life day. It was my destiny to live”. Sam Shockley lost both legs when he stepped on a 20lb pressure plate during a minesweeping patrol in Afghanistan. The date was 17 March 2013. “I found a t-shirt that says: I had a blast on St Paddy’s Day!

I was a point man, squad leader on the ground. I was the one holding the metal. I was leading from the front. I don’t have any animosity towards the Afghans. We are warriors as they are warriors”. Sam was awarded a purple heart for his actions, carrying the crest on the back of his wheelchair.
Sam underwent over 60 surgeries during the next two years. “It’s crazy how much it takes.
I had my wife and family and a lot of good doctors. They guided me through each stage.
My wife was my rock. I put her through hell in hospital but she was right there with me the
entire time. You can’t thank someone enough”. A golfer from age 14, Sam at frst did not
imagine he would take to the links again, but once he saw the SoloRider and the ParaGolfer it
was “Game On!”

“Golf is me and my wife’s thing; it’s a couples thing” 99 per cent of the time I go play, I play with her. She’s getting way better than me!”
First stop for St Andrews Legacy in July was The Open at Royal Birkdale, where Sam
had a chance to meet many top professionals including St Andrews 2015 champion Zach
Johnson and eventual 2017 winner Jordan Spieth, together with his caddie Michael
Greller, and runner-up Matt Kuchar. “They were so humble, taking time to hang out with
us and talk to us. Jordan gave me the glove out of his bag and signed it. That’s something I’ll
always remember”.