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The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is an independent organization that assists industries in establishing voluntary standards of operation and production. Industry representatives work with ANSI to create minimum standards to enhance public health and safety.

The National Golf Car Manufacturers Association worked with ANSI to establish safety specifications for for the design and operation of electric and gasoline-powered golf cars with respect to speed, acceleration, stability, braking systems, operational controls, electrical systems, fuel systems, and general configurations. The American National Standard for Golf Cars – Safety and Performance Specifications was most recently published in 2000.

The standards are rigorous and comprehensive. Each category has both technical and practical standards. Many set minimum engineering requirements to enhance your safety. Below is a compressed outline.

  • General safety practices
    • Maintenance practices
  • Battery charging
    • Operating safety rules
  • Manufacturer requirements
    • Operational controls
      • General configuration
    • Maximum golf car speed
      • Maximum acceleration
    • Static stability
      • Longitudinal stability
      • Lateral stability
    • Brake systems
    • Battery installation
      • Ventilation
      • Containment
    • Wiring systems

Along with the major manufacturers of traditional golf cars:

SoloRider meets all applicable ANSI standards and has successfully passed all the required ANSI tests.

SoloRider strongly believes that single rider golf cars should be held to the high standards of any other golf car. ANSI is the standard for the golf car industry, and their safety standards include tests applicable to single rider golf cars including longitudinal and lateral stability, service brake performance, roll over containment and electrical wiring.

SoloRider also believes single rider testing should be done by an independent, quality third party to assure unbiased testing.

SoloRider was independently tested by Club Car at their demanding facilities. SoloRider meets all applicable ANSI standards and successfully passed or exceeded all the required ANSI tests.

It would be unwise to acquire a single rider vehicle that has not achieved these safety criteria.

* Applicable, you ask? Certain standards, such as the correct position of the brake pedal, are not applicable since SoloRiders do not have foot pedals.

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