A Tale of Two Golf Buddies

Harold Swick and Butch Hochman were frequently seen wondering down the fairway every chance they could morning, noon or early evening. Suddenly in September of 2006 Harold was struck down by an unknown infection that attacked his spine and left him a paraplegic. NO GOLF! (read complete testimonial)

- Candace Swick


Hi Bob:

I want to sincerely thank you again for taking us under your wing on such short notice and making our first annual First Swing such a hit. I don't have much time to share all at this moment, but just wanted to share quickly two amazing stories.

Jim Burns, man with a CVA in mid 50's, called and left me a heartfelt message. He was ecstatic. He was so thankful and appreciative and going on about how I have helped him set a real goal now for himself... and then went on to say that the young guy that brought him, took him to Soddy Daisy Golf Course Sat afternoon and played nine holes. First time in three years. He stated he cannot remember when he had been so happy!!!!

The other quick story is the SCI Ken on the SoloRider, went to the fitness center afterwards on Saturday and was on huge high. The staff have never seen him work out so hard as what he was doing. He explained how he wants to kick up his program and has a "real" goal now... GOLF. I am so thrilled beyond the exhaustion. I will give you more later. I have to run now. All my best to you. I will try and get a date this week (w/ Devere hopefully) and get back to you ASAP!!!!!

Thanks so much BOB!!! We love you!!!

- Lisa Morgan


First SoloRider Hole in one,

Roger: I am very excited to inform you that I nailed my first ever HOLE IN ONE yesterday from my SoloRider. It was on the 14th hole par 3 at Legends on the Niagara in Niagara Falls. I used a 22 degree Wilson Staff fybrid and the ball hit just short of the green on the right hand side of the pin. The ball took a bounce up and rolled onto the green. I heard it hit the pin and I asked my nephew Jordan "Did you hear that?" He was jumping up and down and said, "What do you mean hear that, it went in!!!!!!!" I couldn't believe it until I actually drove up and saw it sitting in the hole. I always dreamed about one and it actually happened. AWESOME OR WHAT!!!! Thank you SoloRider.

- Frank Peter, CBCO Senior Zoning Examiner and Code Correlator Building Services Division Planning and Economic Development Department City of Hamilton


Joe: I am a avid golfer from Ontario Canada with a permanent disability, a huge ambassador for sport for everyone and I know exactly what Richard is going through. The 204 area code sounds like he is from Alberta.

My family and I, along with 3 other families, used to vacation every year in Florida for the past 13 years up until 3 years ago. This is when I started playing golf from a SoloRider. After I got involved with golf we thought that with the ADA there would be at ton of golf courses in the Sunshine State with SoloRiders. After many very frustrating unsuccessful attempts in trying to find courses with SoloRiders we finally gave up and no longer vacation in Florida. Instead, I bought my own SoloRider and trailer it to Myrtle Beach each family vacation. The other 3 families have also changed their vacation plans every year and follow us down to Myrtle Beach each winter. Myrtle Beach is pathetic also having only 4 courses that offer the SoloRider, however, it is not a bad drive so I trailer my golf car down there. We also vacationed last year in Hawaii as they have many courses in Maui with SoloRiders. I also have a lot of friends with disabilities who plan their family vacations around golf. If there are no SoloRiders, we don't even consider this as an option for vacation.

I agree with you that this would make a great story and perhaps open the door for Canadians with disabilities to come back to vacation in Florida. If you want someone to interview for a story please do not hesitate to ask. I have golfed 45 rounds each of the 3 years I have played and plan on spending my hard earned money on vacations where I can call up a course, with a solorider, and book a tee time like any golfer. Of the 45 rounds I played last year, 30 of them were at the beautiful Legends on the Niagara in Niagara Falls only because they have a SoloRider. This represented 120 rounds of new golf to that golf course because I golf with 3 other guys every time I golf. This was 120 new rounds of golf to the Legends, plus food, beverages, merchandise purchased in the pro shop, etc... From 1 new golfer, that being yours truly.

Sorry to ramble on.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like more information. BTW, I know 4 guys, including myself that would compete in that tournament every year, with families accompanying them, if they had SoloRiders. I used to, up until 3 years ago when I started golfing, compete in the Florida Open Wheelchair Tennis Championships every year in Boca Raton the first week of April. My family and I, along with others would start coming back to Florida if the opportunities were there.

Have a nice day.

- Frank Peter, CBCO Senior Zoning Examiner and Code Correlator Building and Licensing Division Planning and Economic Development Department City of Hamilton


Thought you might be interested to know we were in Hawaii (Kwaii to be exact) earlier this month and had made a reservation to play golf at Poipu Bay Golf Course. The day we came to play they told us we were lucky, it had been cart path only for the previous two weeks because of all the rain. When we continued to register I told them we needed a handicap flag for Tiena and then happened to mentioned that she drove her own Solorider golf cart in Tucson.

Well that's interesting they said, we got a new Solorider several months ago and no one has ever used it. So we not only got to play that day but Tiena gave them a demonstration on how to drive the cart. We ended up going back again later that week; that the course had the cart made it an easy choice.

It works just as well in Hawaii as it does in Tucson. Now if you could do something about the wind... Happy New Year,

- Mac and Tiena Fiske



Thank you for visiting yesterday and reviewing the operation and maintenance of our new Solo Rider vehicles. They will especially be appreciated by our soldiers who otherwise would not be able to enjoy a round of golf. It will greatly lift the spirits of many brave men!


- Sam Jepsen, PGA General Manager Monterey Pines Golf Course


On Friday I was playing golf with my friends and on the 18th hole I hit my third shot on the green but left myself about a twenty a 20 foot putt. Two of the guys also were on the green and the fourth player was shot but on the fringe. As usual I drove on the green near my ball. As I sat in my cart I heard him say, "Bill, would you mark your cart" This as got to be a first.

- Bill Hefferon Naples, FL SoloRider customer


Dear Sir,

I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to play in the tournament with one of your SoloRider carts. I have been taking lessons at the Windham Country Club, Windham NH during the summer and really really like your cart. When I was diagnosed with MS 20 years ago I was able to golf up until about 5 years ago when it became difficult for me to stand up for any length of time and of course my balance was an issue. I thought my golf days were over but not so. I have to thank you and your company for allowing me to continue my passion. I love the cart and all of my friends also love it. It was important for me to tell you thank you and i really appreciated it. (read complete testimonial)

- Yours sincerely Mary-Lou Courcelle


Just used the solorider at the Morgantown, WV golf course. I can't get the smile off my face. I have a spinal cord injury level T-12 and have been in a chair for the past 19 years and let me tell you that its great to be playing golf again. I would like some information and price list because I'm thinking of buying my own. Thank you for making such a awesome product.

- Chris Critchfield


Dear Ms Gilliom,

Thank you for accepting the onus of distributing the letters containing the reasons why mobility impaired golfers (I am one) should have access to adaptive golf carts at military bases. I am confident that the Department of Defense, through your insight, will reach the logical conclusion and react fully to the provisions of the Military Authorization Bill in the Secretary's response to the Congress. (read complete testimonial)

- Francis R. Gerard Maj/Gen USAF, (Ret)


Many thanks for the quick service. It's almost time for Bill to have the winter tires put on. Still don't know what he would do without the cart. It certainly changed his life. John was home in Sept. and they golfed everyday.

- Thanks again, Bill & Loretta Silver

In 1998 I passed the player ability test. In 1999, I survived a massive stroke. Several years of rehab later, I began to swing at a golf ball. I now play regularly, but can only hold out for 9 holes. Recently I visited my brother in Denver where we played at his club, "The Omni". I was introduced to your "SoloRide". What a pleasure!! I played all 18. Our group finished in less than 4 hours and I had the most enjoyable experience in golf I'd had in -- probably ever.

Before the stroke, I was also President and General Manager of "Olympia Spa Golf Resort" in Dothan, Al. (now known as Dothan National). At that time, if someone with a severe disability came to play golf there, I would let them, but I really wouldn't want them back. Cruel, but true. You see, Olympia Spa is probably one of the hardest courses in America -- hard enough for a U S Open I've been told. I assumed that it was too difficult for a physically challenged person. Even in my condition today, I could take your product and breeze around the track today.

Pro's, Presidents, and decision makers, please evaluate this product. From the handicapped side of the fence, I can tell you that your affirmative decision will be applauded by all, your number of rounds will increase when word spreads that you have these carts, your average time per round will shrink and your bottom line will reflect all these things. As America ages, these type of carts will be even more in demand. Don has my address and phone number and I would be happy to talk with any of you.

- Thanks! Joe Bates

Dear Roger and Don:

Just a quick note to say thanks for all your hard work. We at Methodist Rehabilitation Center received our SoloRider last week. We are really excited about the upcoming program. I am impressed with the SoloRider, it is everything and more. Don, I appreciate your flexibility and understanding my situation on the delivery date. You made my difficult situation so easy to manage, it was my pleasure in doing business with you and the company. I also want to brag on one of your employees, Rob Witherington. Not only did he stop by for introductions, but spend time reviewing the workings of the SoloRider, offered advice on golf pros and talked about programming ideas, networking and the rehab side of golf. Thanks Rob.

- Thanks again and look forward to learning about golf! Ginny


I forgot to send you this e-mail. Sharon and I played 9 holes at Meadow Links last Sunday. Everything went quite well, a beautiful day to play a round of golf. I shot a 45, but what I haven't been telling people is that par was 31 and I hit them from the Ladies Tee's! Ha! Ha! I felt like a beginner, but like always happens to a golfer, I hit enough good shots to make me want to come back and try again. It was great. I can't tell you and Doug how much it means to me to be able to "get of the couch and back on the course! I will keep you informed with my progress. Please relay this information to Doug for me.

- Thanks! Ken Cleeter

Hi Roger,

I just wanted to let you know that my husband, Paul, and I got to play our first 9 holes of golf together in 4 years! We went out with Doug Stultz yesterday at the Meadow Links Golf Course. Doug walked 4 holes with us and made sure that Paul was comfortable with using the cart. Then he left us on our own to finish our round. It was WONDERFUL!! I sent Doug a note this morning and told him that people always say that "you can't go back" but Paul and I did just that. It was just like old times being able to play together and afterwards, going over our round together. I feel like we got a part of our lives back that was taken so abruptly from us when Paul became disabled. Without going through what we have been through in the past 4 years, no one would understand how great it feels to almost have our lives back to normal. Golfing together was, I mean is such a huge part of our lives.

Thanks to you and your company, there is light at the end of this tunnel and no, it is not a train!!!

- Thank again, Anne Roeder

We have had the opportunity to evaluate several golf carts, and have yet to find one that provides the maneuverability and stability that is provided by the SoloRider. I have found the SoloRider dependable and impressive, allowing for the player to enter and exit bunker, side hill, and down hill lies and most all situations golfers try to avoid but inevitably face during a round. Perhaps the most impressive in our recent outing was our foursome being asked to 'play through' the group in front of us. We finished a 6500 yard course in four hours and fifteen minutes, a full 15 minutes faster than the course is routinely played. I am happy to be assisting in providing golfers with disabilities the opportunity to compete with their able bodied peers.

- Lonny A. Zimmerman, M.A., CLP, President Lakeside Auxiliary Chapter of Disabled Sports USA, NV