Rose Creek Golf Course in Fargo, ND, Adds SoloRider To Help
Golfers with Limited Mobility Get Back in the Game

CENTENNIAL, COLO. (July 6, 2007) - Rose Creek Golf Course in Fargo, ND, has added a SoloRider golf car to its fleet to help golfers with limited mobility get back in the game. Rose Creek is the first course in Fargo to give seniors and players with a disability full access to the game through the use of this innovative golf car.

"We had been looking to add a single-rider golf car to our fleet and researched a number of options," said Matt Cook, head professional of the 18-hole public course. "We were amazed with the features SoloRider had to offer, especially the lift seat."

Cook said the course wanted to take a "proactive stand" on golf accessibility and felt the SoloRider "gave us the best opportunity to help a large segment of golfers enjoy the game."

The SoloRider golf car, which was presented the 2006 Excellence in Achievement Award - New Product of the Year by the Association of Private Clubs and Directors, features ergonomically designed controls and a patented stand-up seat that helps players hit their shots without leaving the comfort and safety of the vehicle. The car's even weight distribution and advanced suspension system make it safe to go on tees and greens without damaging the turf.

"There are 46 million disabled Americans, and approximately five million of them are candidates to play golf," said Roger Pretekin, president of SoloRider. "By making a single rider golf car available, Rose Creek is giving tremendous satisfaction to golfers in its area and helping bring new players to the sport."

About SoloRider
Established in 1991, Centennial, CO-based SoloRider Management LLC manufactures and distributes the industry's leading single-rider golf car. SoloRider is the only single-rider golf car that meets or exceeds the safety, performance, stability, speed and suspension standards of conventional golf cars. In 2002, SoloRider received the prestigious da Vinci Award from the Engineering Society of Detroit in recognition of innovations that empowered all people, regardless of physical ability. Monroe Berkman, an avid golfer, polio survivor and longtime user of the SoloRider golf car, purchased the company in 2004.