Resorts and SoloRider: A Winning Combination

Resorts are constantly looking for ways to retain loyal customers and attract new guests.See how SoloRider can help you increase revenue and improve profits and get an edge over you competition.

1. Extending the Golfing (and Vacationing) Life of Senior Golfers

As you know, seniors represent a significant portion of the leisure travel market. Some of your most loyal resort guests may be seniors. Many have both the time and money to travel for pleasure. For these seniors, golfing vacations are an important part of their life.

The time inevitably comes when they face the prospect of giving up the game. They still want to play but find that they no longer have the stamina to navigate the many level changes on a golf course. Their participation and enjoyment of the game is dependent on minimizing the number of footsteps required in a round of golf. Many merely stop going to resorts and you have lost a valued guest.

SoloRider's unique features allow senior golfers to extend their golfing life. By extending the golfing life of seniors by two or three years, think of the immediate increase in your business. Senior golfers are the "sweet spot" of your market.

SoloRider is the golf car that keeps them in the game.

2. Business Travel and the Mobility Impaired

Business seminars, conferences, events are a highly lucrative part of the resort business.

With mobility impaired individuals becoming a much more prevalent part of the corporate landscape, companies are becoming more sensitive to the needs of their mobility impaired employees. Given the well-documented connection between business and golf, accessibility on the golf course is becoming a factor in the resort selection process. Since SoloRider provides the most sensible solution to golf accessibility, resorts without SoloRiders may find themselves at a serious competitive disadvantage.

3. Mobility Impaired Persons Love to Travel

Travelers with mobility impairments spent $13.6 billion on leisure trips in the US in 2002. Since they rarely travel alone, the economic impact is much more. With 1.2 million persons with mobility impairments in the US interested in playing golf, are you getting your share of this market?

See how easy you can get a strong Return on Investment

With a SoloRider costing only $175 per month, do the math. You will likely find that less than one added room-night per month more than pays for a SoloRider. Returns of more than 400% are typical.

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