Jeff LeMoine’s blog from the Ontario PGA Show, Thursday October 25, 2007

Late on Day 1 at the OPGA I had the pleasure of meeting a very inspirational individual. Frank Peter was involved in a car accident 22 years ago that left him without the use of his legs. Frank was representing the SoloRider booth at the show which produces a line of adapted golf carts to allow people with disabilities and physical limitations the ability to play golf. (If you haven’t seen SoloRider’s carts I’ll have a few pictures posted later today.) Once in the cart, golfers can access every part of the golf course without causing any damage to greens, tee blocks or even bunkers! The secret lies in the way weight is distributed throughout the cart so no impression is left on the greens and so sand is simply smoothed out when driving in a bunker. But as great as the actual cart was, what Frank had to say was the real story.