City of Boise Adds SoloRider Golf Car To Help Golfers
with Limited Mobility Get Back in the Game

CENTENNIAL, COLO. (Aug. 28, 2007) - The Parks and Recreation Adapted Recreation Division of the City of Boise, Idaho, has added a SoloRider golf car to its fleet to help golfers with limited mobility get back in the game. The vehicle joins the golf car fleet at the Warm Springs Golf Course, where it is available to area residents and businesses.

"We searched for a single-rider golf car that offered a comfortable seat that inclined to suit the needs of our disabled golfers," said Emily Kovarik, program director of the city's adapted recreation division. "By including a SoloRider golf car as part of our fleet, it has enabled us to provide the best available single-rider golf car out there to our community's golfers with special needs."

The SoloRider golf car, which was presented the 2006 Excellence in Achievement Award - New Product of the Year by the Association of Private Clubs and Directors, features ergonomically designed controls and a patented seat that rotates and lifts to help players hit their shots without leaving the comfort and safety of the vehicle. The car's even weight distribution and advanced suspension system make it safe to go on tees and greens without damaging the turf.

"There are 46 million disabled Americans, and approximately five million of them are candidates to play golf," said Roger Pretekin, president of SoloRider. "By making a single-rider golf car available, the City of Boise is helping golfers get back in the game, which we know provides tremendous satisfaction, and helping bring new players to the sport, which the game desperately needs."